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Testimonials | Hickory Creek Outdoors
Gary and his crew did great design work on my yard, Gary has a great eye for picking out the correct plants for the job, they showed up when they said they would and stand by their work and products 100 percent.

Kyle Nichols

Gary Knight and Hickory Creek Landscaping are a full service company. We purchased a home, where the yard had been neglected for years. During the transformation, we have come to know all the lawn maintenance personnel, planting crews and Gary, all of whom exhibited the utmost professionalism. Gary’s extensive knowledge of plants, grasses and design were evident from the beginning until the end of the project. Whether it’s a large or a small landscaping need, Hickory Creek is the only company I would use.

Tracey Weeks

I highly recommend Hickory Creek Outdoors for all aspects of landscaping. Gary and his crew are extremely knowledgeable in their trade. They go the extra mile for their customers and are very reliable. My front yard was a wooded lot and is now a beautifully maintained and landscaped yard.

Caren Standen

My wife and I have been using Hickory Creek Outdoors for approximately five and a half years. He has maintained our lawn for that length of time. Gary has provided a number of services including cutting grass, trimming, & various other landscaping needs. We have been very pleased with the service. He is prompt, fair, and reliable. There have been no complaints. My wife and I recommend Hickory Creek Outdoors for all your landscaping needs.

Mike and Ann Hardeman

My lawn was in horrible shape for 10 years. Honestly, I always felt my neighbors were on the brink of tossing me out of the neighborhood - and quite frankly - I wouldn't have blamed them. Within 6 months of meeting Gary Knight, I went from worst to first! I think my neighbors thought someone else must have bought my house and FINALLY they were taking care of it. Thank you Gary and the entire Hickory Creek Outdoors team!

Susan Bright

After remodeling our home on the interior we decided to work on renovating the trees, lawn and shrubs. I asked the owner of the local tree removal service who he would recommend and he immediately suggested Gary Knight and Hickory Creek Outdoors. We were looking at a total renovation of our trees and shrubs and had contacted several local providers before we knew of Hickory Creek. We received the other proposals but they were not exactly what we were wanting in either design or pricing. We contacted Gary Knight and he responded quickly and came out for a site review. We immediately liked his knowledge of what plants and shrubs were best for our soil type, sun shade areas and water and drainage challenges. Gary responded quickly, followed up often and personally supervised all the work and installations. We have been very pleased with the response and professionalism of Gary and the Hickory Creek Outdoors crews and would highly recommend them to others.

Robert Fariole